Event Marketing to Millennials

Millennials are the most prized target market across the board when it comes to advertising—they have buying power, they’re social influencers, and they’re the most powerful group of consumers today. But they’re notoriously hard to market to with traditional tactics because they have an innate distrust of advertising. This distrust comes from being advertised to across all mediums for their entire lives, so marketers are cautioned to be as genuine and authentic as possible when marketing to millennials. But how do event marketers reach the millennial target audience? There are a few tactics that land well with these young consumers that you can use to make your event marketing efforts a success.

Millennials love technology

Millennials were born into the technological revolution. Their parents were the first adopters of the personal computer, and most of them grew up learning computer skills at home and in school. Because of this, technology comes as second nature to millennials, and they’re usually early adopters of the latest tech trends. Event marketers can leverage this affinity for technology by incorporating it into their event displays. Things like offering free Wi-Fi, charging stations, touch screen devices and interactive videos are key to engaging millennials at your show. Better yet, if you can jump on the recent VR trend, you’ll be light-years ahead of your competition and find your way into millennials’ hearts.

Millennials are doers

As products of the tech revolution, millennials tend to get bored easily. While this may sound like a negative, you can use it to your advantage. By offering interactive experiences, you can draw millennials’ attention to your event, presentation or display. Make sure your presentations or events are never one-sided, allowing your audience to interact, ask questions and participate in activities. Support your presentations with dynamic visuals, and never give long, one-size-fits-all speeches, as these will quickly lose their attention.

Millennials are social

Millennials are the first adopters of social media and avid users of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and so on. An event that doesn’t leverage social media to its fullest is missing the mark big-time. Whether you’re an event planner or an exhibitor, it’s a great idea to create hashtags for each event and encourage people to share their experiences across platforms. Social media contests are also a popular way to engage millennials at shows, and they’re most effective when an incentive prize is offered for participation. Photo booths are also a great, interqactive way to engage this target audience and get them sharing pictures of their participation in your show or exhibit.

If you can engage a millennial and catch their interest with a unique experience, you’ve successfully won over the hardest target market to influence. The key to success is to be authentic, think big, try out your ideas, and repeat the ones that get the best results!

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