The Show Daily: Create Buzz and Boost the Performance of Your Event

Putting on big conferences or trade shows involves endless moving parts, sponsors, exhibitors and events. With all the comings and goings, it might seem impossible to keep attendees informed of everything that’s happening.
This is where the show daily comes in. A show daily is a printed publication that informs attendees about an event as it unfolds. They’re usually designed and printed the night before, then distributed the morning of the show—your event’s very own daily newspaper.

The Official Show Daily with live show content is produced overnight and delivered next morning to keep attendees up-to-date.

Greatest Benefits for Show Organizers, Attendees and Exhibitors
• Driving revenue with advertising & sponsorships
• Keeping attendees up to date
• Creating buzz and driving traffic
• A great take-home printed piece to share with other professionals

How do show dailies benefit you
• Quantifiable advertising revenue is a main reason clients choose to put out a show daily. The show organizer can sell ad spots in the show daily to boost their bottom line, while exhibitors can utilize ads to get the word out about their product, and guest can find products and services of interest. This creates a “win-win” for everybody. Additional sponsorship opportunities exist with the show daily in the form of post-it notes on the front cover, printed inserts, belly bands, polybags, and sponsorship of the model distribution team.

• The show daily is printed the night before; this means the publisher can include crucial last-minute schedule changes, important updates, awards, and more. Show schedules are printed far in advance, acting as the show’s lifeline to keep attendees informed. News from the show, pictures of attendees and special features can also be included, so guests will be in-the-know when they pick up their show daily each morning.

• Provides a great opportunity to get attendees excited about what’s happening during the event. This includes everything from the show schedule, to your custom write-up and picture, to special features. Once they pick up the show daily, guests begin to plan their day around what grabs their attention the most. It’s no surprise that featured content gets the most foot traffic.

• There are never two alike! Guests love the show daily because not only is it useful, but it chronicles the event they’re enjoying while gifting them a keepsake to remember their experience at the trade show. Since many show dailies contain pictures of guests, they also have a fun opportunity to see if they’ve been featured in one of those images.

Show dailies are a sure-fire way to increase your revenue and keep guests current and informed while providing attendees with a unique takeaway from and memorable event. PSG Media Group specializes in the printing and distribution of show dailies for major events at convention centers around the country.

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